Pronúncia: əfluʃá
    verb transitiu
  1. [cargol, corda, etc.] to slacken
  2. [nus, etc.] to loosen, undo.
  3. [pressió] to relax.
  4. [estreta] to loosen, ease, let go.
  5. [fre] to release, take off.
  6. figuradament afluixar un renec to come out with a rude word, to let fly an obscenity.
  7. to lessen, reduce.
  8. [color, vi] to lighten, weaken.
  9. afluixar la bossa to give some money.
  10. afluixar la mosca col·loquial to fork out, pay up, stump up.
  11. verb intransitiu
  12. to slacken.
  13. to relent, let up.
  14. [febre, etc.] to abate, weaken.
  15. el vent afluixa the wind is abating.
  16. to diminish, lessen, grow less.
  17. verb pronominal
  18. to slacken (off, up).
  19. to (come, get, work) loose.
  20. to become slack, relaxed.