Pronúncia: ənimá
    verb transitiu
  1. to animate.
  2. to endow with life.
  3. to actuate.
  4. to move, propel.
  5. [conversa, discussió, etc.] to enliven, liven up, add interest to.
  6. [persona] to cheer up.
  7. to encourage, put new heart into.
  8. animar algú a fer alguna cosa to (encourage \ incite) someone to do something.
  9. verb pronominal
  10. to become more lively, become animated, liven up, acquire new life.
  11. to brighten up.
  12. [persona] to brighten up, cheer up, feel encouraged, take heart.
  13. to make up one’s mind, decide.
  14. anima’t! cheer up!
  15. (ídem) make up your mind!
  16. animar-se a fer alguna cosa to make up one’s mind to do something, resolve to do something.