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Pronúncia: béʎ
  1. beautiful, lovely.
  2. fine.
  3. [molt bo] (very)good.
  4. [temps] fine, good, fair.
  5. les belles arts the fine arts.
  6. bella mar calm sea.
  7. el bell sexe the fair sex.
  8. una bella estona a good while, a long while.
  9. un bell ruixat a heavy shower.
  10. adverbi
  11. right, just, exactly, precisely.
  12. al bell mig right in the middle, in the very middle (de of).
  13. al bell cim de la muntanya at the very top of the mountain, right at the top of the mountain.
  14. de bell antuvi first, at first, initially, from the very beginning, from the outset.
  15. de bell nou again, once again, anew.
  16. a bell ull roughly, at a rough guess.
  17. (ídem) by guesswork.