Pronúncia: káldɾə
    verb intransitiu
  1. to be (wanting \ necessary \ lacking \ requisite).
  2. [com a auxiliar] [afirmatiu] must.
  3. [com a auxiliar] [negatiu] needn’t, do not have to, mustn’t.
  4. us cal molt de diner you need a lot of money.
  5. teniu tot el que us cal? have you got all you require?
  6. cal tot això? is all that necessary?
  7. és l’home que cal he’s the very man (for the job).
  8. caldria ser pintor per… one would have to be an artist to….
  9. un noi com cal a very gentlemanly young man.
  10. ella és molt com cal she’s very ladylike.
  11. (ídem) pejorativament she’s very prim and proper.
  12. portar-se com cal to behave in a proper manner.
  13. cal partir (I \ we \ you \ etc.) must go.
  14. cal que el vegem we must see him.
  15. cal que ens afanyem we must hurry.
  16. cal fer-ho o no? (am I \ are we \ etc.) to do it or not?
  17. car felicitar-los they are to be congratulated.
  18. cal no amoïnar-se you must not worry.
  19. no cal que t’hi amoïnis you (don’t have to \ needn’t) worry about it.
  20. vindrà si cal he will come if (need be \ necessary).