Pronúncia: kámə
  1. [de persona] leg.
  2. [d’animal] foot, leg, paw.
  3. [de moble, compàs] leg.
  4. [d’una lletra] downstroke.
  5. cama de fusta wooden leg.
  6. cama brodada ornitologia sandpiper.
  7. cama d’ase botànica cultivated mushroom.
  8. cama ací cama allà astride, astraddle.
  9. tenir (bona) cama to be (light-footed \ quick).
  10. tenir cama to have one more trick than the others.
  11. tenir una cama al fossar figuradament to have one foot in the grave, be more dead than alive.
  12. estar-se amb una cama damunt l’altra to be idle, be out of work.
  13. cames garrelles knock-kneed.
  14. se’n va anar cames ajudeu-me he ran off (as fast as his legs could carry him \ at full speed).
  15. carregar-se les cames al coll to go on foot.
  16. estirar les cames to stretch one’s legs.
  17. tallar les cames a algú to prevent someone from doing as he purposes.
  18. caure cames enlaire to fall (on one’s back \ upside down).
  19. se’m seguen les cames my knees begin to knock together.
  20. les cames em fan figa col·loquial I am (tired \ fagged) out.