Pronúncia: kləβá
    verb transitiu
  1. [clau] to knock in, drive in, bang in.
  2. to fasten, fix.
  3. to pin.
  4. [dues fustes] to nail together, nail up.
  5. [punyal, ganivet, etc.] to stab, thrust, plunge, stick.
  6. [joies] to mount, set.
  7. [ulls, esguard] to fix (a, en on), rivet (a, en to).
  8. clavar crits a algú to shout at someone.
  9. li vaig clavar per la cara que era un lladre I told him straight to his face he was a thief.
  10. li vaig clavar una bufetada I slapped him on his face.
  11. li vaig clavar una puntada de peu I kicked him.
  12. (ídem) figuradament I told him off.
  13. verb pronominal
  14. es va clavar a riure he burst out laughing.
  15. col·loquial to tuck in.
  16. em vaig clavar una espina I pricked myself on a thorn.
  17. es va clavar una estella al dit he got a splinter in his finger.