Pronúncia: kórə
    verb intransitiu
  1. to run.
  2. a la cursa d’avui corren X i Y in today’s race X and Y are running.
  3. to hurry.
  4. electricitat [aigua,] to run, flow.
  5. [aire] to flow, go, pass.
  6. [aixeta] to run.
  7. [front] to play.
  8. [temps] to pass (quickly), elapse.
  9. [període] to run, extend, stretch.
  10. el mes que corre the (present \ current) month.
  11. el temps corre time is passing, time presses.
  12. [moneda, etc.] to pass, be valid, be acceptable.
  13. [notícia] to circulate, go round.
  14. geografia etc. to run.
  15. les muntanyes corren de l’est a l’oest the mountains run from East to West.
  16. [sou, lloguer] to be payable.
  17. el lloguer corre des de l’1 de juliol the rent is payable from the first of July.
  18. vam córrer a ajudar-lo [de pressa] we ran to help him.
  19. corres massa, llegint you read too fast.
  20. córrer a la seva perdició figuradament to rush headlong to his downfall.
  21. (a tot córrer \ a més córrer) locució adverbial running as hard as one can.
  22. fer córrer una cosa to steal something.
  23. deixar córrer to let be, let ride, leave be.
  24. deixa-ho córrer let it be, leave it be.
  25. deixem-ho córrer let’s leave it.
  26. verb transitiu
  27. [distància] to cover, traverse, travel over.
  28. to pass over.
  29. córrer món to go round the world.
  30. ciències militars i història to overrun.
  31. to raid, invade.
  32. to lay waste.
  33. [risc, perill] to run.
  34. [sort] to suffer, undergo.
  35. [objecte] to push along.
  36. [cadira] to pull up, draw up.
  37. [pany] to shoot, slide, draw.
  38. [cortina] to draw.
  39. [cavall] to race, run.
  40. [bou] to run.
  41. [presa] to chase, hunt, pursue.