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Pronúncia: əkstɾém
  1. [de lloc] extreme, last.
  2. far, furthest, outer, outermost.
  3. [d’ordre] last.
  4. figuradament extreme.
  5. utmost.
  6. critical, desperate.
  7. en cas extrem as a last resort, in an extreme case.
  8. fred extrem (intense \ excessive) cold.
  9. extrema dreta (extreme \ far) right.
  10. masculí
  11. end.
  12. extremity.
  13. extreme limit.
  14. figuradament highest (point \ degree).
  15. lowest point.
  16. extreme.
  17. passar d’un extrem a l’altre to go from one end to the other.
  18. (ídem) figuradament go from one extreme to the other.
  19. (fins) a l’extrem de to the point of.
  20. en extrem locució adverbial extremely.
  21. fer extrems to gush, behave effusively.
  22. arribar a l’extrem d’anar a peu to be reduced to (the extreme of) going on foot.
  23. esports wing.
  24. masculí i femení [la forma femenina també és extrem]
  25. esports [persona] wing-forward, winger, wing.
  26. extrem dret right winger.
  27. juga d'extrem esquerre she plays on the left wing.