Pronúncia: fórmə
  1. form, shape.
  2. de forma quadrada of a square shape, square in shape.
  3. en forma de campana bell-shaped, shaped like a bell.
  4. sota la forma d’un diable in the (form \ shape) of a devil.
  5. sense forma formless, shapeless.
  6. agafar forma to take shape, materialize.
  7. tecnologia mould.
  8. block, pattern.
  9. literatura form.
  10. esports form.
  11. medicina fitness.
  12. estar en forma to be in (good) form, be fit.
  13. estar en plena forma to be in top form.
  14. no estar gaire en forma to be in poor shape.
  15. posar-se en forma to get (into shape \ fit).
  16. [manera exterior de procedir, etc.] form, way, means, method (of procedure).
  17. no hi ha forma de convèncer-lo there is no means of persuading him, it is impossible to persuade him.
  18. forma de pagament comerç i mercat (manner \ method) of payment.
  19. en (bona \ deguda) forma duly, in order, in (due \ proper) form.
  20. tipografia format.
  21. religió host, consecrated wafer.


    No hi ha forma de fer-lo callar, tot el dia que plora, l’haurem de dur al metge a veure què li passa. There is no way of stopping him crying, he’s been crying all day. We’ll have to go to the doctor to see what is the matter. femení plural
  23. social forms, conventions, manners.
  24. bones formes good manners.