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Pronúncia: fɔ́rt
  1. [sentits diversos] strong.
  2. tough, sturdy.
  3. robust.
  4. vigorous.
  5. solid.
  6. un home fort com un roure a man as strong as a horse.
  7. [argument, vent, voluntat, objecció, etc.] strong.
  8. [cop] hard, heavy.
  9. [soroll, veu] loud.
  10. [despeses, pluja] heavy.
  11. [àpat] heavy, big.
  12. [pendent] steep.
  13. [cafè, gust, licor, olor, etc.] strong.
  14. [calor, dolor, etc.] intense, great, considerable.
  15. [crisi] grave.
  16. [exercici] strenuous.
  17. [febre] high.
  18. moneda forta hard currency.
  19. paraules fortes rude words, swearwords.
  20. plaça forta fortified town, fortress.
  21. fer-se fort [en un lloc] to entrench oneself in.
  22. (ídem) [en una actitud, una opinió, etc.] to insist on, persist in.
  23. es van fer forts en una casa they barricaded themselves inside a house.
  24. they made a stand in a house.
  25. poder parlar fort figuradament to be right, cannot be denied.
  26. ser fort en matemàtiques to be good at mathematics.
  27. adverbi
  28. strongly.
  29. menjar fort to eat a big meal, eat too much.
  30. posar la ràdio més fort to turn the radio up.
  31. parleu més fort! speak up!
  32. masculí
  33. [persona] strong man.
  34. ciències militars fort, strongpoint.
  35. figuradament forte, strong point.
  36. el cant no és el meu fort singing is not my strong point.
  37. al fort de l’estiu at the height of summer.
  38. al fort del combat in the thick of the fight.
  39. interjecció
  40. fort! serves you right!