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Pronúncia: gát
    masculí i femení
  1. zoologia cat.
  2. [mascle] tomcat.
  3. gat salvatge wild cat.
  4. gat mesquer genet.
  5. orgue de gats col·loquial disorderly meeting.
  6. tenir set vides com els gats to have nine lives, be hard to kill.
  7. donar gat per llebre a algú to take someone in, pull the wool over someone's eyes, sell someone a pig in a poke.
  8. caure sempre de potes com els gats to always fall on one's feet.
  9. estar com el gat i el gos to live a cat and dog life.
  10. aquí hi ha gat amagat I smell a rat, there's something fishy here.
  11. gat escaldat, de l'aigua freda fuig once bitten twice shy.
  12. eren quatre gats there was hardly anybody there.
  13. semblar un gat escorxat to be nothing but skin and bone.
  14. gat vell figuradament old fox, crafty person, rascal.
  15. agafar el gat to get drunk.
  16. tenir el gat, (estar \ anar) gat to be drunk, be as drunk as a lord.
  17. escorxar el gat [dormir la mona] to sleep off one's drink.