Pronúncia: ʎənsá
    verb transitiu
  1. to throw, cast, fling, hurl.
  2. esports
    1. [pilota] to pitch, bowl (a at, to).
    2. [pes] to put.
  3. aeronàutica
    1. [cap enlaire] to launch.
    2. [cap avall] to drop.
  4. [desafiament] to throw (out \ down).
  5. [crit] to give, utter.
  6. [mirada] to give, cast (a at).
  7. nàutica to launch.
  8. botànica [fulles, etc.] to put forth.
  9. comerç i mercat i finances to launch, promote.
  10. dret to evict, dispossess.
  11. verb pronominal
  12. to (throw \ hurl \ fling) oneself (a, en into / sobre on).
  13. to rush ( sobre at, on).
  14. to fly (sobre at).
  15. aeronàutica to jump (by parachute), bale out.
  16. es va llançar contra el seu enemic he rushed against his enemy.
  17. es va llançar al riu he (jumped \ dived into) the river.
  18. llançar a to launch into, embark upon, undertake.