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Pronúncia: mál
  1. bad.
  2. poor.
  3. wretched, dreadful.
  4. unpleasant, nasty.
  5. incorrect, wrong.
  6. a les males locució adverbial by force, willy-nilly.
  7. anar a mal borràs to go from bad to worse.
  8. adverbi
  9. badly.
  10. poorly.
  11. wrongly.
  12. hardly, with difficulty.
  13. un llibre mal escrit a badly-written book.
  14. una paraula mal entesa a word misunderstood.
  15. parlar mal d’algú to speak ill of someone.
  16. jutjar mal d’algú to think (ill \ badly) of someone.
  17. mal que although, though, even though.
  18. mal pot fer-ho en tan pocs dies he won’t be able to do it in so little time, he can hardly do it in such a short time.
  19. de mal trobar difficult to find.
  20. masculí
  21. [negació del bé] evil, wrong.
  22. [dany material o moral] harm, hurt, damage.
  23. misfortune.
  24. medicina disease, illness.
  25. figuradament suffering.
  26. el bé i el mal good and evil, right and wrong.
  27. mal de cap headache.
  28. mal de mar seasickness.
  29. mal de queixal toothache.
  30. mal de Sant Pau epilepsy.
  31. mal francès història syphilis.
  32. mal d’orella earache.
  33. mal de costat pneumonia.
  34. (ídem) pleurisy.
  35. dir mal d’algú to speak ill of someone.
  36. discernir el bé del mal to tell right from wrong, distinguish good from evil.
  37. fer mal [una part del cos] to hurt, have a pain in.
  38. (ídem) to ache.
  39. la cama em fa mal my leg hurts, my leg aches.
  40. em fa mal l’estómac I have a pain in my stomach, my stomach aches, I’ve got stomach ache.
  41. mal hagen els traïdors! damn the traitors!, cursed be the traitors!
  42. fer-li mal a algú to do someone harm.
  43. pensar mal d’algú to think (ill) (badly) of someone.
  44. prendre mal to hurt oneself, do oneself an injury.
  45. prendre a mal una cosa to take something amiss, be offended about something.
  46. voler-li mal a algú to wish someone harm.
  47. femení
  48. [cartera del correu] mailbag.
  49. [servei de correus] mail, post.
  50. [carta de joc] manille.