Pronúncia: muðá
    verb transitiu
  1. to change, alter.
  2. ornitologia i zoologia to shed, moult.
  3. [pell] to slough.
  4. mudar algú to dress someone up, dress someone in his Sunday best.
  5. verb intransitiu
  6. to change.
  7. mudar de roba to change one’s clothes.
  8. mudar de color to change colour.
  9. mudar de casa to move house.
  10. ornitologia i zoologia to moult, shed its feathers.
  11. to slough its skin.
  12. [de veu] to break.
  13. verb pronominal
  14. to change (one’s clothes).
  15. to dress up, put on one’s Sunday best.
  16. [de casa] to move.