Pronúncia: nás
    [pl.: nassos] masculí
  1. nose, nostril.
  2. [olfacte] nose, sense of smell.
  3. nas aquilí aquiline nose.
  4. nas (camús \ xato) snub nose.
  5. arrufar el nas to turn up one’s nose, pull a face (in disgust).
  6. deixar algú amb un pam de nas to disappoint someone greatly, leave someone very crestfallen, leave someone in the lurch.
  7. ficar el nas pertot arreu to (stick \ poke) one’s nose into everything.
  8. no veure-hi més enllà del nas not to be able to see (past \ further than) one’s nose.
  9. pujar la mosca al nas (a algú) to get very (cross \ angry), take the huff.
  10. parlar amb el nas to talk through one’s nose, speak with a nasal twang.
  11. riure per sota el nas to laugh to oneself.
  12. tenir una cosa davant el nas to have something right under one’s nose.
  13. tancar la porta pels nassos a algú to shut the door in someone’s face.
  14. tenir nas figuradament to have a good nose.
  15. treure el nas per un forat figuradament to show one’s face rarely.
  16. construcció catch.