Pronúncia: pənsá
    verb intransitiu
  1. to think.
  2. to think, be of the opinion (that).
  3. pensar en to think (of \ about).
  4. verb transitiu
  5. to think (over \ out).
  6. pensar coses molt profundes to think (great \ deep) thoughts.
  7. és una persona que pensa molt he’s a very (thoughtful \ pensive) person.
  8. jo penso, doncs jo soc I think, therefore I exist.
  9. pensar que... to think that...
  10. parla poc però pensa molt he talks little but he thinks a lot.
  11. no diu mai el que pensa he never says what he is thinking.
  12. pensa per si mateix les coses he thinks things out for himself.
  13. ja m’ho pensaré I’ll think it over.
  14. pensar a fer alguna cosa to think of doing something.
  15. deixa-m’ho pensar let me think.
  16. pensar en veu alta to think (out loud \ aloud).
  17. has pensat a portar diners? did you think to bring any money?
  18. nosaltres pensem sortir a les cinc we’re thinking of going out at five.
  19. pensa abans de contestar think before you answer.
  20. jo em penso que és boig I think he’s crazy.
  21. ni pensar-hi! I wouldn’t think of it!, perish the thought!
  22. qui et penses que ets? who do you think you are?
  23. em pensava que ja s’havia acabat tot I thought everything had finished.
  24. penso constantment en tu I’m always thinking of you.
  25. només pensa en ell he thinks of no one but himself.
  26. pensar-s’hi a fer una cosa to think something over well before doing it.
  27. verb pronominal
  28. to think, believe.