Pronúncia: puzá
    verb transitiu
  1. to put, place, lay, set.
  2. to affix.
  3. to give.
  4. to impose.
  5. to suppose.
  6. [afegir a una narració] to add.
  7. posar a prova to test, try out.
  8. posar al corrent to bring up to date.
  9. posar botiga to open a store.
  10. posar un nom al gos to name the dog.
  11. posar arrels to take roots.
  12. posar preu a una cosa to price something.
  13. posar en dubte to doubt, question.
  14. posar confiança en algú to trust someone.
  15. posar diners en un negoci to invest in a business.
  16. posar les dents un infant to teethe, cut teeth.
  17. posem que sigui veritat let us suppose it is true.
  18. verb intransitiu
  19. [fer de model] to pose, sit.
  20. [ocell] to alight, settle.
  21. [fer estada] to (stop \ lodge).
  22. on poses, quan vas a Calonge? where do you stay when you go to Calonge?
  23. verb pronominal
  24. [esdevenir] to become.
  25. to get.
  26. to turn.
  27. es posà malalt he became sick.
  28. [aplicar-se una cosa] to put on.
  29. to dress, wear.
  30. em posaré l’abric I’ll put my coat on.
  31. [líquids] to settle.
  32. [començar una acció] to start.
  33. to get down to it, to begin.
  34. posar-se una cosa al cap figuradament to get a fixed idea, set one’s mind to something.
  35. s’ha posat amb el matrimoni marriage has settled her down.
  36. posar-se vermell to blush, grow red.