Pronúncia: kəðá
    verb intransitiu
  1. to remain.
  2. to be.
  3. to be left.
  4. [vent, mar] to fall calm.
  5. en queden 6 there are 6 left.
  6. em queden vint euros I have twenty euros left.
  7. van quedar amics they (remained \ stayed) friends.
  8. la cosa queda així there the matter rests, that’s how the affair stands.
  9. per a quedar bé in order to do the right thing.
  10. [posar-se d’acord] to agree.
  11. vam quedar que ho faria ell we agreed he would do it.
  12. quedar en + infinitiu to agree to + infinitiu, arrange to + infinitiu.
  13. en què quedem? what do we decide to do then?
  14. queden pocs dies only a few days remain, there are only a few days to go.
  15. quedar cec to go blind.
  16. verb pronominal
  17. to stay, remain.
  18. to be.
  19. quedar-se a una pensió to stay at a boarding house, put up at a boarding house.
  20. ens vam quedar una setmana we stayed a week.
  21. quedar-se alguna cosa to (keep \ hold on to \ retain) something.
  22. quedar-s’hi to die.