Pronúncia: rəðuí
    verb transitiu
  1. [quantitat, nombre, etc.] to reduce
  2. to diminish, lessen, cut (down).
  3. [grandària] to reduce, cut down.
  4. [activitat, etc.] to limit (a to)
  5. [os] to set.
  6. [país, etc.] to subdue
  7. [rebels] to overcome, bring under control.
  8. [fortalesa] to reduce.
  9. reduir algú al silenci to silence someone, reduce someone to silence.
  10. reduir algú a l’obediència to bring someone to heel.
  11. matemàtiques etc. to reduce (a to), convert (a into).
  12. verb pronominal
  13. to diminish, lessen, fall, be reduced (a to).
  14. finances to economize.