Pronúncia: rɔ́zə
  1. pink.
  2. rose, rose-couloured.
  3. femení
  4. rose.
  5. arquitectura rose window.
  6. medicina German measles, rubella.
  7. aigua de roses rose water.
  8. rosa (boscana \ salvatge) wild rose, dog rose.
  9. rosa de Jericó botànica rose of Jericho.
  10. color de rosa pink, rose, rose-couloured.
  11. (ídem) figuradament rosy.
  12. diamant rosa diamond rose.
  13. rosa (dels vents \ nàutica) compass card, compass rose.
  14. estar fresc com una rosa figuradament to look young and healthy.
  15. (ídem) to feel as fresh as a daisy.
  16. estar sobre un llit de roses figuradament to be on a bed of roses.
  17. veure-ho tot de color de rosa figuradament to see everything through rose-coloured spectacles.
  18. no hi ha roses sense espines figuradament every rose has its thorn, there’s no rose without a thorn.
  19. novel·la rosa literatura novelette, romantic novel.