Pronúncia: surtí
    verb intransitiu
  1. [de persona] to leave.
  2. to go out, come out (de of).
  3. to appear, emerge (de from).
  4. to get out (de of), escape (de from).
  5. [altres objectes] to come out.
  6. to appear, emerge.
  7. astronomia to rise, come up.
  8. botànica to appear, come up, show.
  9. [de llibre] to come out, appear, be published.
  10. [de moda] to come in.
  11. [de resultat] to turn out, prove, be, turn out to be.
  12. sortir en escena teatre to enter, come on.
  13. [de tren, etc.] to leave, depart.
  14. nàutica to sail.
  15. sortir amb [de noi, etc.] to go out with, date US.
  16. sortir elegit ciències polítiques to be elected, win.
  17. [de jocs de cartes] to lead.
  18. esports to start.
  19. [número a una rifa] to come up, win.
  20. [d’escacs] to have first move.
  21. [sobresortir] to project, stick out, jut out, overhang.
  22. figuradament to get (de over).
  23. mecànica to become disconnected.
  24. sortir de la via ferrocarrils to leave the rails, jump the track.
  25. sortir de dubtes to shed one’s doubts.
  26. sortir de mare [riu] to overflow.
  27. sortir de polleguera to lose one’s temper, fly off the handle.
  28. sortir bé [afer] to go off well, turn out well.
  29. [provenir] to come (de from).
  30. verb pronominal
  31. sortir-se amb la seva to (get \ have) one’s own way.
  32. sortir-se’n to get out of, extricate oneself from.