Pronúncia: bɛ́ndɾə
    verb transitiu
  1. to sell.
  2. to market.
  3. vendre de casa en casa to peddle round the houses.
  4. vendre al comptat to sell for cash.
  5. vendre a l’engròs to sell wholesale.
  6. vendre a la menuda to sell retail.
  7. estar per vendre to remain unsold, be for sale.
  8. figuradament [persona] to betray, sell.
  9. verb pronominal
  10. to sell.
  11. to be sold.
  12. vendre’s (a \ per) to sell (at \ for).
  13. aquest article es ven molt bé this article is selling very well.
  14. no es ven not for sale, it doesn’t sell.
  15. figuradament [persona] to betray oneself, give oneself away.